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The MAYAN REBIRTH collection comes with maya textiles bags as packaging.
Within Maya societies, both ancient and current, weaving reveals a deep symbolic nature that embodies numerous aspects of the culture. Not only do the garments themselves play a role in both daily life and ceremonial purposes, but the weaving process is connected to some of the most essential cultural tenants, such as gender, class, and ethnic distinctions, as well as the creation myth. The Mayan language is another intrinsic aspect of weaving, from the distinctive symmetry of Maya animal designs reflected in the onomatopoeia of those animals’ calls, to parallels between the meanings of certain words and the parts of the loom on which textiles are woven. The simple, yet efficient, backstrap loom, an ancient Maya weaving tool, is still used today, as the Maya hold tight to their characteristic appreciation of tradition and ancestry, while translating woven textiles and their creation into the modern age.

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