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BAKTUN 13 (Bracelet) BLACK

Made of coconut shell and inlaid with Lava.

Gives us a time cycle or measurement of some 5122 years, which brings us close to the magical 2012 date for the ending of the current Maya Era and the rebirth of a new era.

Description: Approx.size of the pendant 1” L. X 1 1/8” W. length of bracelet 12” from tip to tip. All hand done by Mayan hands.

This beautiful collector’s piece is a very significant symbol for the mayan culture. It represents the glyph of the long calendar count.

To prolong the life of your piece, take into consideration the following recommendations: Please avoid contact with water, if you do come in contact with water, just dry it as soon as you can.

Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery time. Your piece will be shipped out via postal service, all pieces are handmade therefore there will be slight variations on each piece.

Each piece of your Mayan Rebirth collection comes with a Mayan textile, as packaging. Please enjoy this beautiful textile that represents the different daily dress (guipiles) of the Mayan regions in Guatemala.

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