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Mayan Rebirth & You


Many can say that its the end of the world and many can say its the rebirth of a new era, there are many signs presenting themselves to us such as earthquakes, floodings,climate changes, eruptions and so on…we all need to pay close attention to all of this,

It’s a call to us from our mother earth the present Maya people say it’s a new beginning, a new awakening a higher and more profound awareness and conscious level

What we need to do as human beings is come together as one,put aside all those negative thoughts,feelings and actions. Imagine if we could all disconnect ourselves from the negative influences of society,that have been imposed on us,we could all reach a new spiritual growth.


In the few scriptures of the Mayans that were recovered, no references were found that they predicted anything big to happen on this ending date other than the start of a new cicle of 13 Baktuns. Many in this world however interpret this date literally as the end of the world, the end of human civilization and the universe’s annihilation.


Nahuales are essential to Mayan cosmogony, our spiritual narrative. Each person is born with a nawal that determines their temperament, their role in society, and even their daily actions. The Mayan people interpret the nawales‘ communication in all things, including the timing of dreams, the presence of certain animals, movements of air or planets, bird songs, and other sounds. For these reasons, the Mayan people maintain a great respect for nature.

Autor: Saul Paau Maaz


On December 21st 2012 a cycle ends and a new era rises…

This convergence creating a powerful date in the Maya calendar, the start of the World of the Fifth Sun.
It is a positive message of renewal and new opportunity, symbolized by the extremely rare alignment of the sun and the Milky Way, the annual renewal of the winter solstice, and the daily renewal of the sunrise.

For the Maya, the Milky Way is the single most important celestial image, representing the Cosmic Mother or the First Mother, the starting point for all living things. To the Maya, changes in the appearance of the Milky Way signified important life events.

During sunrise on 21 December 2012, the sun intersected with the Milky Way for the first time in 26,000 years. The center of the Milky Way is a long, narrow passage, which, to the Maya, illustrated the birth canal of the First Mother.
That’s why is so important to keep with you an earth element to balance all that energy!

So lets all come together on this monumental time and transmit all the positive energy we can to the universe and elevate our souls to a new era.


Watch Guatemala´s (Homeland of the Mayan culture) official video about the Mayan prophecies…


The Mayan ceremony that you are about to experience is the blessing of the Mayan Rebirth collection


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